New Session - "DeviZe"

We are delighted to be launching a new session in Barton-le-Clay on a Thursday evening from September. “DeviZe” is a new venture that will be student led collaborative theatre, working with our professional staff to create brand new plays and musicals. The students will work towards creating brand new and innovative theatre under the guidance of Keith and Hayley, whose experience of devising and writing will create excellent original new work. Click here for details and how to sign up

A new term!

We are delighted to be starting back once more after a busy Summer Holiday!  After completing two amazing summer schools, we are ready to kick in with our next set of productions.  Our Wednesday group will be starting rehearsals for their production of the award winning "Rings Around the World", a best-selling play written by our own Keith.  It deals with the ups and downs of life of someone who is autistic.  A Bittersweet drama, that whilst dealing with some difficult subject matter, will also bring some laughs.  Our Friday group CS21, will be starting work on a new play called "Demons", a brand new comedy, again written by Keith.  Our Saturday group in Flitwick will also be starting work on "Rings Around the World", and we are intending on the first productions of these to be taking place towards the end of the year.


Summer School.

It's that time of year again!   We had an amazing time doing "Romeo and Juliet - The True Story" for Flitwick Town Council last week.  In fact, we loved it so much, we are doing it all again next week with Barton Players!  Well, I say we are doing it again, it's actually a totally different version again!  Watch this space for updates!